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Entry #1

I have a couple ideas for a film projects

2017-11-20 23:21:00 by longjohnzpissa

Another Man's Treasure

This film would be a mockumentary about dumpster divers. The film would explore two dumpster divers (protagonists) who are very happy with their lifestyle. They get their way out of trouble and meet some other pieces of shit along the way. 

The films main message to convey would be that happiness is not created with any pre-conceived templates, and we should just mind out own buisness as long as it doesn't hurt you and everyone is happy.



Bank Robbers

This film would also be a mockumentary, but this one is more satirical than right in your face. 


It would follow two or a group of friends who have something very strange in common; they like to dress up like bank robbers. They have no desire to actually rob anything, but instead just like the style.


In the film the friends go about their regular lives and I document their struggles. 


I was thinking at the end of the film they would actually go into a bank and make a transaction and see how it plays out. This depends on how willing the actors will be.




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